rumcafeThe Rum Café
Wednesday, August 3rd to Friday, August 5th 2016
The Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, Two Mile Hill, St. Michael

The Rum Café will be a relaxed environment allowing conference attendees to relax and network in a serene and informative environment, following formal BNC sessions over the three days of the conference.  The story of Rum will feature prominently throughout the Café, as the threads of Barbadian society that have been woven by rum's impact on our society, have created a rich tapestry of Barbadian life that we need to celebrate and keep alive.

Rum Sampling - patrons will have the opportunity to sample the Rums presented and learn about the tasting notes and the production process.  

Mixology Demonstrations - Barbados can proudly boast of having some of the finest mixologists and their skills will be highlighted.

Details on the History of Rum in Barbados and beyond... - Barbados' rich history of rum and rum's role in shaping Barbados is too voluminous to be told  in a couple hours but some of the salient facts will be presented during this session.   

Displays by Rum producers - Interact directly with rum ambassadors whose knowledge will serve to enlighten all about this most inspiring spirit.

Opportunity to book Rum tours - The awareness of Bajan Rum is enriched by a visit to one of the rum distilleries and is an opportunity that should not be passed up.


Local Rum Boost At BNC 2016

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